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Should I get a NVidia ?

Sun Jan 5, 2014, 6:23 PM
  • Listening to: Muse

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I can't use Octane since I've an ATI, reality won't work since LuxRender doesn't want to work with me (no matter how simple is the scene or how long I let it run, I have too much grain), same issue with Blender cycle.... Rah, what I'm doing wrong ? Any ATI user has the same problems with cycle or LuxRender? Would it be better with a Nvidia?

My little pony: Intel Core i5-2500k, 8go ddr3, AMD Radeon hd 6870 from Asus (woh, I really need to get a newer config)

Mass Effect 3 ending still hurt

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 1, 2013, 10:34 AM

Because of this ending, I never did a second run until a few days ago. It was really frustrating compared to ME1 & 2 when I immediately did a second run with different choices. Even if the ends was mostly the same in any run I did, they were terribly good. That epic fight at the end of ME1, Sovereign destroyed, that was really good. And that suicide mission in ME2, what a run.
Well, I won't say what have been already said a million times, it's just... Even now, a year and a half later, with the extended cut, I'm still pissed and terribly disappointed by this ending. I  would have wished for this to end when Shepard and Anderson are watching the Earth from the Citadel, the Crucible fire, the reapers are dead, and end. There is no need for that f***ing useless catalyst or an epilogue.

The rest of the game is so damn good, there are so many times I was crying in front of my computer. Mordin, Thane, Legion... There are also beautiful moments with the end of the genophage or the Geths and Quarians back together. And so much fun, especially in the Citadel DLC (the best fan-service DLC i've ever seen). One of my favorite moment is just after Thessia, when Cerberus stole the Prothean VI. Shepard seems really desperate. At this point, she isn't anymore this invincible soldier, she's as human as of all of us.

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